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The Information Cycle

Posted by Amanda Piccarreto on March 12, 2018

Category: Motivation
  Happy Monday! While walking into the college learning center today, it hit me how incredibly lucky I am for the opportunity to tutor my students and recycle the information somebody once gave me, to help them! In keeping with the sentiment of this feeling, I want to pass these Monday thoughts along to you. Everything you perceive in the world is information and as humans often do, we’ve sort of ruined its purity by

Entering A Monday Mindset

Posted by Amanda Piccarreto on March 5, 2018

Category: Motivation
People like to complain about Mondays… well, most of them anyhow. But not a Monday girl, or anybody with her mindset. So, what is in a Monday girl’s mind? Her mind is the paradox that is a Monday. In perfect Monday fashion, she sometimes drives innovation to the point of procrastination and thinks to the extent of leaving no room for thought; she recognizes this and strives to fix it. However, she also finds the