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My name is Amanda Piccarreto; I am a mother, a writer, an educator, and a philophile.

I went to college in pursuit of knowledge, and in hopes to learn what I want to become. After overloading my schedule, serving as a VP for the PTK International Honors Society, and obtaining degrees in General Science, Health Studies, and Sustainability at Monroe Community College, I attended RIT, majoring in Nutrition Management and minoring in Anthropology and Sociology.

Through my studies, I’ve retained an insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding and learned that who I am is way more important than what career I choose. Above all else, I want to be happy and help others. And through it all, I’ve become a Monday girl.

I hope to promote this Monday mindset so we may celebrate ideas, improve our attitudes, and achieve our goals together.

Lead your week like a Monday!

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